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I'm Kelsie :)

I was born and raised in Oregon, and currently reside in Houston, TX. I hopped in a Penske and moved to Austin, Texas in 2019 with my dog and my rabbit, and now I spend every possible second working with families and new friends all over central Texas! What started out as a way to create mobile art (because canvases are huge and oil paints are stinky) turned into a way to meet incredible people and create meaningful memories for them through photography. It's my mission to make sure you have a great time!

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Keepin it real.

Having your picture taken is either your favorite thing in the world or what you despise the most. If it's the latter, lets change that! No one is perfect so don't feel like you have to be for your photos. Be you; Be each other. If your idea of a date night is going dancing to live music at Shady Acres or grabbing food and beer at your favorite neighborhood spot, then that's what we're doing! Think of it as me third wheeling with you and we're just hanging out as friends. Let's have a fun time! Oh and if you have dogs, please bring them!

Don't take it from me, take it from them.


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"Kelsie Burke is professional and fun! She will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot process. She also returns edited photos to you very quickly. Highly recommend!"

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