Teddy + Tinsley

Austin, TX | Engagement

Here is the story of Ted and Tins, as told by Tins:

When Ted was starting college at UT, he began his long trip down from New Jersey, eagerly awaiting his opportunity to meet his dream Texas queen. He met Tinsley and the rest was history. They love spending their time with friends and their good, yellow, and soft dog Willie.

Ted and Tins were two of the first people I met when I moved to Texas. I'm pretty sure it was only Cody and I's first or second date, but Teddy was his former roommate and best friend since college so we all decided to meet up downtown. The night played out as meeting up at a jazz club that was playing salsa music, taking tequila shots, trying to get into the Chili Parlor but the line was too long, and sitting on park benches in the middle of downtown Austin until our Uber's arrived to take us all home. So obviously we were meant to be friends!!