Juliann + Jimmy

Smith Rock state park | engagement

Juliann and Jimmy were my very first *REAL* engagement shoot. I had never met them before this day!! We were all in town for a wedding that was happening the very next day, so we met up and busted out their engagement photos at the BEAUTIFUL Smith Rock State Park outside of Bend, OR. They had never had their picture taken professionally before, but you would never know it!! These two are so freaking stunning!! They were so incredibly fun to hang out with and I cannot wait for their wedding day!

They originally had their wedding planned for August of 2020 but due to Covid, decided to separate their ceremony and their reception. The ceremony will now be just a small little family gathering at a church in their parent's town and I am equally as excited for that as I originally was for a big shindig. Even though times are weird right now, I love that in a way it's bringing us even closer to our family and friends. I am super stoked to get their wedding photos and I will be sharing them SO SOOOOON!!!!