Melissa and I worked together at the title company before I left to pursue my own business full time. It was through her and Nick that I got to meet Juliann and Jimmy, whose engagement and wedding photos I got to take. It was so amazing watching her and Nick's relationship grow and turn into the most beautiful family with the addition of baby Ryan!

When I first started photography - full disclosure - I didn't think I would like taking family photos. I was wrong. It's so fun to turn the photoshoot into a playtime activity so the kids actually enjoy having their picture taken! In this case, Ryan was so little she didn't really know anything about what I was doing, so we made a fun game out of picking flowers and showing them to her mom. She loved that! We actually just took these photos in the backyard because it was such a gorgeous day and the setting was perfect for the photos that they were wanting. I always have fun getting together with Nick and Mel, so getting to take photos of the three of them was just the icing on the cake!!