The deets

Zach and his girlfriend, Stephanie, planned to meet up in Austin to celebrate their 5th dating anniversary. They met in class at Burdine Hall on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, and Zach knew that was where he wanted to propose. He reached out to me and told me his plan - it couldn't have worked out better! I "ran into them" while they were outside of the doors leading inside the hall. I walked up and introduced myself as an "alumni newsletter photographer" and asked if I could take some photos of them! Zach's plan was to take some normal photos and then have me ask them to go "back to back", which I did. Stephanie turned, facing her back towards Zach's. She turned back around, noticing that he wasn't doing the back to back thing, and found him on one knee with a ring box in his hand. It was so adorable and hilarious at the same time - she said yes and then almost immediately turned towards me and asked "WAIT!! Were you in on this?!"